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69 Historic Houses & Buildings
museums in London

Draw back the curtain and reveal the stories behind some of London's most intriguging historic houses and buildings—and the learn of the facintating characters who once occupied them.

Image of Gunnersbury Park Museum

Gunnersbury Park Museum

Lots of local history set in a former banker's mansion.


Image of London Museum of Water and Steam

London Museum of Water and Steam

One of London’s most significant Victorian visitor attractions housing some of the world’s rarest working steam engines.


Image of Vestry House Museum

Vestry House Museum

Explore the local history of Waltham Forest in the attractive former 1730's workhouse.


Image of Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens Museum

The beautiful Georgian terraced house in Bloomsbury is the only remaining London home of Charles Dickens.

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Image of The Twickenham Museum

The Twickenham Museum

Told, is the rich history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons. Reached via a pleasant riverside walk from Richmond.


Image of Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition

Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition

A modern reconstruction of the William Shakespeare's first 1599 Globe Theatre. Where tours, exhibitions and performances bring Elizabethan plays to life.

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Image of All Hallows by the Tower Undercroft

All Hallows by the Tower Undercroft

The oldest church in the City of London, founded by the Abbey of Barking in 675AD and survived the 1666 Great Fire of London.

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Image of Apsley House, Wellington Museum

Apsley House, Wellington Museum

Revel in the dazzling Regency interiors, glittering treasures and fabulous art collections of the Duke of Wellington's Apsley House.

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Image of Bank of England Museum

Bank of England Museum

The story of the Bank's private enterprise beginnings in the 17th century — to the governing fiscal officialdom that it is today.

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Image of Benjamin Franklin Museum

Benjamin Franklin Museum

The world's only remaining home of Founding Father of the United States.

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Image of Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms

The secret underground headquarters where Prime Minister Winston Churchill worked and lived during the Second World War.

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Image of St. Pauls Cathedral, The Crypt

St. Pauls Cathedral, The Crypt

The final resting place of some of the nation’s heroes including Sir Christopher Wren, Admiral Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.

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Image of Dr Johnson's House

Dr Johnson's House

A Charming 300-year-old townhouse, nestled amongst a maze of courts and alleys in the historic City of London.

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Image of Handel & Hendrix in London

Handel & Hendrix in London

In a single street in London, separated by a wall, are the homes of two of history’s most significant musical artists.

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Image of The Jewel Tower

The Jewel Tower

Built in 1365 as the 'Jewel House' to safeguard Edward III's silver plate and world treasures.

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Image of Kensington Palace State Apartments

Kensington Palace State Apartments

Both a palace open to the public while still home to royal family members; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Image of Library and Museum of Freemasonry

Library and Museum of Freemasonry

An extensive collection of objects with Masonic decoration including pottery and porcelain, glassware, silver, furniture and clocks, jewels and regalia.

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Image of Museum of Immigration and Diversity

Museum of Immigration and Diversity

Open just a few days per year, this evocative museum explores experiences of multicultural refugees.

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Image of Museum of the Order of St. John

Museum of the Order of St. John

Founded in the 12th century the Order of St John was a religious order with a duty to care for the sick, regardless of creed or country.

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Image of Old Operating Theatre Museum

Old Operating Theatre Museum

One of London’s oldest and most intriguing museums—a former operating theatre where every patient was female.

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Image of Prince Henry's Room

Prince Henry's Room

One of the few buildings left untouched by the Great Fire of London in 1666.

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Image of Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Dedicated to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes situated in Baker Street.

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Image of Spencer House

Spencer House

Situated in the heart of St James's, it's the only great 18th century private palace in London to survive intact.

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Image of St. Bride's Crypt

St. Bride's Crypt

The "Museum of Fleet Street" with archaeological finds from Roman, Saxon and Medieval times.

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Image of The Tower Bridge Exhibition

The Tower Bridge Exhibition

One of the most impressive structures in the capital that has stood over the River Thames since 1894.

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Image of Tower of London

Tower of London

The world’s most famous fortresses and has seen service as royal palace, prison, armoury and even a zoo.

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Image of Bruce Castle Museum

Bruce Castle Museum

Set in Grade I listed 16th century manor house, the museum tells the history of Haringey and Tottenham from Roman times to the present day.


Image of Fenton House

Fenton House

Former 17th century merchant's home with a walled garden, classic Georgian furniture and harpischord collections.


Image of Kenwood


18th century stately home set in 112 acres of leafy north London parkland. With paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Turner, Reynolds, Gainsborough and Constable.


Image of Keats House

Keats House

Grade 1 listed and set in a peaceful garden, this was the home of poet John Keats from 1818 to 1820.


Image of Carlyle's House

Carlyle's House

Hidden in the quiet back streets of Chelsea is the home of 19th century literary celebrity couple, Thomas and Jane Carlyle.


Image of Chiswick House

Chiswick House

Chiswick House is among the first glorious examples of 18th-century British architecture.


Image of Hogarth's House

Hogarth's House

The 18th century country home of the great painter, engraver and satirist William Hogarth.


Image of Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum

Former home and studio of the leading Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton.


Image of The Museum of Fulham Palace

The Museum of Fulham Palace

Historic house and garden of the Bishop of London since 704. Paintings, archaeology and artefacts reveal the history of the Palace site from prehistoric times.


Image of William Morris Society - Kelmscott House Museum

William Morris Society - Kelmscott House Museum

William Morris's beautiful 18th century house on the banks of the River Thames from 1878 to 1896.


Image of Eltham Palace & Gardens

Eltham Palace & Gardens

The childhood home of Henry VIII meets 1930s Art Deco decadence.


Image of The Queen's House

The Queen's House

Originally the home of Charles I's queen, Henrietta Maria—the 17th century building now houses an outstanding fine-art collection.


Image of Ranger's House

Ranger's House

An elegant Georgian villa built in 1723 for Admiral Francis Hosier and where the Greenwich Meridian line passes through its grounds.


Image of Royal Observatory Greenwich and Peter Harrison Planetarium

Royal Observatory Greenwich and Peter Harrison Planetarium

London’s only planetarium and features state-of-the-art HD projection technology, visualisations based on real scientific data and real astronomers.


Image of Southside House

Southside House

Grade II listed, 17th century house features rare examples of 17th century furniture, and memorabilia connected to the Pennington family.


Image of Sutton House

Sutton House

Tudor house surviving in the heart of a thriving East London community.


Image of The Crossness Engines

The Crossness Engines

Built by Sir Joseph Bazalgette as part of Victorian London's sewerage system, contains the four original pumping engines from 1865.


Image of Danson House

Danson House

One of the finest surviving 18th century villas by the architect Robert Taylor.


Image of Down House

Down House

The Victorian country house of Charles Darwin where the world was changed.


Image of Garrick's Temple and Lawn

Garrick's Temple and Lawn

The small garden folly, erected in 1756 is an ode to Shakespeare on the north bank of the River Thames at Hampton.


Image of Hall Place and Gardens

Hall Place and Gardens

Set in 65 acres of stunning award winning gardens, this grade I listed Tudor mansion was built for a former Lord Mayor of London in 1537.


Image of Ham House

Ham House

This rare and atmospheric 17th-century house sits on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond.


Image of Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

The former home of the flamboyant King Henry VIII, is set in 60 acres of formal gardens and includes the famous maze and Great Vine.


Image of Kew Palace

Kew Palace

The Grade I listed, royal palace in Kew Gardens on the banks of the Thames.


Image of Marble Hill House

Marble Hill House

A magnificent 18th century Grade I listed Palladian villa set in 66 acres of riverside parkland.


Image of Museum Number 1

Museum Number 1

Opened in 1857—Features horticultural and botanic exhibitions displayed over three floors.


Image of Osterley Park

Osterley Park

18th century neo-classical manor house designed by Robert Adam, with landscaped park and gardens.


Image of Queen Charlotte's Cottage

Queen Charlotte's Cottage

A rustic cottage built in the late 18th century as a royal country retreat.


Image of Red House

Red House

The only house commissioned, created and lived in by Arts & Crafts movement founder, William Morris.


Image of Tithe Barn Museum of Nostalgia

Tithe Barn Museum of Nostalgia

A collection of artifacts of nostalgic origin located in Hall Lane. The museum holds around 14,500 artifacts of domestic and agricultural us


Image of White Lodge Museum & Ballet Resource Centre

White Lodge Museum & Ballet Resource Centre

Built in 1727, the Grade I listed building White Lodge—is the home of The Royal Ballet Lower School and the UK's first museum dedicated to ballet.


Image of Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch

Crowned by the largest bronze sculpture in Europe—Wellington Arch is one of London's most iconic monuments.

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Image of Royal Hospital Chelsea Museum

Royal Hospital Chelsea Museum

Home of the "Chelsea Pensioners" as well as a reconstruction of a typical berth, the uniform of a veteran soldier, and many other artefacts.


Image of Emery Walker's House, 7 Hammersmith Terrace

Emery Walker's House, 7 Hammersmith Terrace

The Georgian building with the last authentic Arts and Crafts interior in Britain.


Image of John Wesley's House

John Wesley's House

Built by Wesley in 1779, is one of London’s finest surviving examples of a small Georgian house.

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Image of 18 Stafford Terrace (Linley Sambourne House)

18 Stafford Terrace (Linley Sambourne House)

The former home of Victorian Punch cartoonist, Edward Linley Sambourne. A rare example of 'Aesthetic interior' or 'House Beautiful' style.


Image of Valence House Museum

Valence House Museum

The only surviving medieval manor house of Dagenham, partially surrounded by a moat and situated in Valence Park. With exhibitions of archaeology and rural life.


Image of 575 Wandsworth Road

575 Wandsworth Road

The hand-carved fretwork interior of this modest, early 19th-century, terraced house is enthralling and inspiring.


Image of Boston Manor House

Boston Manor House

A fine three-story Jacobean manor house built in 1622-3, with 19th century style furniture and paintings of the locality.


Image of Sir John Soane's Museum

Sir John Soane's Museum

Eccentric home of the 19th century collector and architect Sir John Soane. Packed with classical sculptures, paintings and curiosities.

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Image of Banqueting House

Banqueting House

The only complete surviving building of Whitehall Palace and the site of King Charles I's execution in 1649.

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Image of The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse

Former monastery built in 1371, now home to an almshouse, with gardens, a chapel and a small museum.

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