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Image of The Twickenham Museum

The Twickenham Museum

Told, is the rich history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons. Reached via a pleasant riverside walk from Richmond.


Image of Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition

Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition

A modern reconstruction of the William Shakespeare's first 1599 Globe Theatre. Where tours, exhibitions and performances bring Elizabethan plays to life.

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Image of The British Library

The British Library

The national library of the United Kingdom and largest library in the world with historical items dating back as far as 2000 BC.

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Image of Pollock's Toy Museum

Pollock's Toy Museum

The small museum dedicated to dolls, toys and wood theatres.

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Image of The Rose Theatre Exhibition

The Rose Theatre Exhibition

Bankside's first purpose-built playhouse, erected in 1587. William Shakespeare learnt his craft and Christopher Marlowe wrote his best plays here.

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Image of Garrick's Temple and Lawn

Garrick's Temple and Lawn

The small garden folly, erected in 1756 is an ode to Shakespeare on the north bank of the River Thames at Hampton.


Image of White Lodge Museum & Ballet Resource Centre

White Lodge Museum & Ballet Resource Centre

Built in 1727, the Grade I listed building White Lodge—is the home of The Royal Ballet Lower School and the UK's first museum dedicated to ballet.


Image of London Film Museum

London Film Museum

Exhibitions and artefacts dedicated to the British film industry, including major international blockbusters filmed in the UK.

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Image of The Magic Circle Museum

The Magic Circle Museum

A unique museum dedicated to the art and performance of magic with collections from popular magicians such as Harry Houdini and Tommy Cooper.

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