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The story of Museums London.
It was a cold, wet and windy weekend…

On a boring, grey bank holiday in May, back in 2014 I felt like visiting a museum. But not, the typical national museums such as The British Museum or the Science Museum—both of which I really enjoy and could easily spend hours there but I knew there had to be a quirky, smaller museum closer to my home in Camden. I wanted something different, something to inspire me and help me learn about London that little bit more.

So, like most people, I took to Google and searched for local museums near me, results; nothing. Well, nothing new. All the national museums cropped up, as they inevitably do. But this wasn't what I was after! Gosh darn it. I grumbled. C'mon Google, let the little man have a chance.

I thumped in the search query again. "museums in london that I haven't already visited or heard of before". Speaking aloud as I typed. Finishing off with an needlessly aggressive smack on the mouse with my index finger. Somehow believing the harder you press the button, the more accurate your search results will be.

There simply must be a museum close by that I just don't know about, I exclaimed, looking to the top-left part of the ceiling, like they do in the films. Wait a minute. If I've had this problem, who else has? Surely, I wasn't alone. You're never alone on the internet.

Then, the idea struck me; wouldn't it be great if, there was a place online where you could quickly have a look at all the museums in London—read up, learn more, the categories, the location and the exihibitions?! It could be like a guidebook, but without the opinion!

Suddenly, the kitchen light turned on above me. What the?

It was Precious, my signficant other, just got home from work. Turned out I'd been in the kitchen at the laptop all day and into the early evening…

Next day, I went out and bought a guide book to London, pouring over the museums section. Islington Museum Yes! Here we go, this is more like it. Independent confirmation that they do exist.

From there, I went on to visit over 180 museums in London to date. Gathering information, hoarding knowledge and creating a database of facts. This was it. This would be the start of a journey of patience, self-discovery and more patience.

I hope you found this website at least a tiny bit useful.