The Museums London story so far…

Museums London is an independent cultural resource created by Philip Harper. The site gets many thousands of pageviews a day; running it is really quite expensive and even more time-consuming. If you find Museums London at all useful, please consider supporting the site to help make it a sustainable side project.

I launched Museums London as a side project in April 2016. But it's origins began back in 2014. One wet weekend in early Spring, bored and feeling like a visit to a different museum (other than the extremely popular and well-known National museums such as The British Museum or the Natural History Museum). I couldn't find a single resource online that collected all of London's museums in one single place. Wikipedia was a good start, but was light on content—and at times out of date. Often mentioning museums that closed down many years ago such as the North Woolwich Old Station Museum. Google was useful, but its competitive ranking nature meant there were museums not even getting a mention. Not without clicking on the 500th result page. This had to change. There had to be a better way…

So then, began the journey of researching, database building, collecting content and website designing and developing.

My goal is to make Museums London the absolute best resource available for everything related to museums in London on the web. I want to help website users discover something different and support the lesser known, financially independent museums that don't receive any funding from the Arts Council, their local council or Heritage Lottery Funding. By promoting and bringing these smaller museums into awareness, inspiring website visitors to become museum visitors—they can thrive in difficult financial times and enrich the local community.

How to support Museums London

Museums London is a bandwidth-heavy site that gets thousands of visitors per day. Delightful as that sounds, I spend several hour everyday working on it and hundreds of pounds per month to keep it running. The site has over 200 museums, each with a custom description, open times, admission prices and so much more. It's been a massive amount of work for one person to create and keep updated.

99% of site visitors don't financially support the site in anyway—but if you would like to help keep the content available free and a sustainable project for years to come, then here is how you can help: